We Have Moved. Immedia Creative is now based in Windsor

After many happy years in Bray on Thames we have taken a big step and moved down the road to Royal Windsor.

As a growing digital marketing company we wanted to be in a fantastic location with opportunities to expand. We’re all agreed that Windsor is the place to do just that.

So at the beginning of May, everyone at Immedia Creative was busy packing boxes, throwing away accumulated rubbish and preparing for moving day. Bob moved a mountain of equipment all by himself and Richard spent quite a lot of the Bank Holiday Weekend making our new home liveable. The new place is still very close to the River Thames, but my idea of rafting everything downstream rather than hiring vans was vetoed for some reason.

After the bank holiday weekend we actually changed phone numbers and the office address and are now thrilled to be in our new premises on the Vansittart Estate. We are now within walking distance of Windsor town centre and our new favourite neighbour – Windsor and Eton Brewery – is just around the corner.

When we walked in to the town centre on the first day there were dozens of film crews. It turned out they weren’t there to record our arrival but to report on Harry and Meghan’s baby boy. It is going to be fun to have the Royal Family as neighbours.

Today was a special day too. The new sign is now in place over the door announcing to the world that we are here.  And to Richard’s delight Bob even hung it straight.

The new office feels spacious and well lit and best of all, we now have a proper meeting room for our clients. Gone are those tatty old leather sofas, replaced with proper seats and a proper table. We have also dumped the legendary Kenco coffee machine, despite Malcolm’s protestations.  So when you come to visit us you may actually get a decent cup of java.

And we do hope you do come and visit soon. Give us a week or so, because Richard and I haven’t put up the wall art yet, but Nicola has already covered half her desk with houseplants, so things are looking good for a greener more spacious future in a lovely town.

Chris Brown

Chris is a web developer, project manager, pay per click advertiser, public speaker, tea drinker, town crier, copywriter, and all round digital marketing aficionado.

We Have Moved. Immedia Creative is now based in Windsor