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We create Stunning and Functional Websites for companies in and around Windsor

If you are a Windsor-based company and are looking for someone to design and develop a website for you that’s really going to grab people’s attention do the business for you, then look no further.

At Immedia Creative, we have a wealth of experience in designing and building websites that really deliver. That’s because we’re a team of “grown-ups” who have been around for a while and properly understand business and marketing.

We also love local. Being based right in the heart of Windsor, the majority of our clients are in the Windsor / Maidenhead / Slough area, and frankly we prefer it that way because we like to discuss your ideas and aspirations with you over tea and biscuits. It’s the only way to get under the skin of your business enough to deliver a marketing tool that’s going to work effectively for you.

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We Answer Your Web Design FAQS

These days, your website is your shop window, and often also a key member of your sales team. It’s where everyone goes to check you out, and the days of “just having a web presence” through a stand-alone website are long gone.

To be an effective marketing and selling tool, your website must now integrate with other digital media and marketing channels (such as social media sites, blogs, video and image sharing sites, shopping and auction sites, forums…the list goes on).

It must load fast and provide a useful, intuitive web experience.

What’s more it’s essential that your website is “mobile friendly” to reach the vast number of people now using mobile devices to browse and buy online. All our sites are designed to look great and work well no matter what type of device being use to view it.

At Immedia Creative, we have an in-house team of web developers with many years’ experience in designing functional websites with the “wow” factor.

Effective and functional website design is no simple task. First of all, we want to know about your business, your customers and what they need from a new website.

We then have to create something with instant kerb-appeal. This means that the site has to be eye-catching and visually appealing. Next, we have to make the web design and layout interesting or intriguing, encouraging visitors to stay on and explore your site. We make it quick and easy for them to journey around your website to find what it is they are looking for.

We help visitors decide to do business with you and take some form of action. Whether that’s buying a product or booking a place on an event. Completing an enquiry form, contacting you directly by phone, email, text, or live chat. Signing-up for a competition or newsletter, liking you on Facebook or following you on Twitter.

A responsive website is one that automatically re-configures its layout based on the size and resolution of the viewer’s screen. So the website will appear completely differently on a desktop/laptop PC, on a Tablet, and on a Smartphone. This is because each “item” on the website is defined as a “block”, and the blocks are they given rules on how they should act depending on the size of the screen. A well-designed and built responsive website will switch menus and navigation styles, change image resolutions, re-size text, and switch on/off specific functions and features depending on the viewing platform.

We also have to consider than unlike a brochure, people using your website won’t usually start at the first page and finish at the last page. They can enter your website on any page, and will then move around the website in an un-constrained way. This adds yet another layer of complexity to the website design, meaning we need to make sure that no matter what page they land on, they can see the whole site structure, and we can still get your key values and messages across.

We design and build websites using most of the popular web development platforms, such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, Shopify, and BigCommerce. For a completely bespoke site we can also use our own 3DWebEngine system.

Our Windsor Website Design Clients

Having been based in the area since 2006, first in Eton Wick, then Maidenhead, and now Windsor, we naturally have numerous Web Design clients in Windsor and the surrounding areas.

Below are just a few of the web design projects we have carried-out for clients in Windsor.  If you’ve got a web design project that you need help with simply give us a call 01753 206006.  We’re just down the road for a chat.

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