Logo design to make your brand memorable

Why do I need a Professional Logo Design?

Your logo is a key part of your brand identity, and can have a significant effect on the success of your company or product.

Done correctly, your logo becomes subconsciously linked to a subject, an emotion, or an experience, and you can even get to the point where your company can be recognised simply by a shape or a colour, without even mentioning the name.

Why should I choose Immedia for my Logo Design?

Our in-house Creative Team (based at our Maidenhead office) has many years experience in extracting the “essence” of companies and products, to create beautiful and memorable logos that elevate your brand, deliver stakeholder value and help you stand head and shoulders above your competition.

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Creating Strong Brands that Get You Noticed.

Why do I need a Brand Identity?

The strength of a tree lies in its roots. Without strong and deep roots, a tree will not be able to grow very big, and may struggle to produce much fruit, and if a gale blows, it may well come crashing down in the wind.

A good Brand Identity is a company’s roots. A strong and solid brand, backed-up by a set of values, is a vital ingredient to building a strong, successful, and fruitful business. A business without this will be much easier for the competition to push over, and it is less likely to be able to sustain growth through the long-term and remain profitable.

What is a Brand Identity?

A brand identity is much more than a logo. It’s something that encompasses the entire essence and DNA of your company. Why you do what you do, what your key values are, and what you believe in. It’s the language that you use, and values that you hold, and the way you communicate these values with the outside world.

Why should I choose Immedia as my Brand Agency?

At Immedia Creative, we’ll get right under the skin of your business, so that we understand what makes you different (you almost certainly already know what that is, but most companies find it very hard to “bottle it” and communicate it to others in a way that they can easily understand).
We then create a set of Brand Guidelines, and a series of materials (such as logos, straplines, value statements, boiler plates, and marketing messages) to use in all your outbound marketing communications, advertising, and sales materials.

Part of success in growth also comes from having your workforce on-side, and we can help to ensure that everyone in your team has a clear understanding of what the company expects from them, by sharing your vision and values with them through internal marketing and branding exercises.

To discuss your requirements, call our Brand Agency Team on Maidenhed (01628) 762710

A Brand Identity is essentially a way of communicating your business values, goals, aspirations, and DNA with your potential and existing clients.

It’s how you tell them what’s important to you in the way you conduct your business and treat your customers. It sets a tone for the business, so that the outside world understands how to position you in relation to your competition.

In physical terms, what you can expect to receive as the result of a Brand Identity project (depending of the size of the company and the how far you want us to go), is something like this:-

  • A set of logos (for use in different media).
  • A strap-line and a mission statement
  • Some standard company “Boiler Plate” statements (the sort of this you put at the bottom of press releases.
  • A Brand guidelines document, giving pantone and CMYK colours, fonts, etc., and outlining how your brand should, and should not be used (a useful thing to give to printers, web designers, graphic designers, exhibition stand designers, sign-makers, etc.)

A strong brand is a fundamental building block of any business. It’s something that you can hang everything you do from.

If you consider brands such as Virgin, John Lewis, and Harrods, you immediately cunjure-up a view on them as a business and the way they conduct themselves. So instantly, anything they put the name to is automatically associated with those values.

For instance, John Lewis is about not being the cheapest, but offering good quality, backed-up by excellent pre and post-sales service. So if John Lewis were to start a bank, you would expect good quality service from polite staff, but you would also expect to pay a small premium for it. That instant “imaginary view” of what a John Lewis bank would be like, comes from them constantly and consistently communicating their brand and values to you every time you step into one of their stores, watch on of their TV adverts, or come into contact with their brand in any other way.

As part of a Brand Identity project, the first things we need to understand are:-

  • What you do (for your customers)
  • What makes you different from your competitors
  • Who your target market is
  • How you would like to be seen in their eyes
  • Whether you have anything unique in your marketplace
  • The emotions that you want your brand to create

So, these are the first things you need to start thinking about. Depending on the size and nature of the business, we will often hold focus groups with key staff to get their views, and often will carry-out some research within your industry and client-base also. This usually gives some interesting insights, and can often take a company’s brand in a different direction from initial thoughts.

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