Mobile Apps and Web – because the future is tiny and touchscreen!

Why is mobile so important?

The mobile environment is where the web is heading, and at break-neck speed! As time goes on, these devices are becoming a bigger part of our lives, and as they become more sophisticated and the mobile broadband speeds increase, they will replace the laptop or desktop PC for all but the programming and creative communities.

This is why it’s absolutely vital that you have a mobile strategy for your business.

What’s coming next for mobile websites and Apps?

Our belief is that in the long-term, there will not be many mobile Apps to download, as the mobile internet speeds will be sufficient to stream the App live, and with the recent announcement by Inmarsat of IsatHub (Satellite-based 4G), you’ll be connected and online, all the time.

What is Responsive Design?

Responsive technology is a way of building a website, so that it automatically re-configures it’s layout to match the size and resolution of the display device. So if you look at a website on a Smartphone, it will look completely different to the way it will look on a laptop for example.  If you want to see if a website is responsive, simple re-size your browser window and see what happens.  If it’s responsive, you should see the website re-configure right before your eyes.

Why use Immedia Creative for my Mobile solutions?

At Immedia Creative, we create mobile website, web Apps, and downloadable Apps, but always with an eye on the future and an understanding of what is happening with the mobile internet, devices, and payment gateways.

If you don’t have a mobile strategy and don’t want to be left behind, then get in-touch with us and we can help you to understand the technologies, and what the future holds, so that you can get yourself ahead of the game.

To discuss your mobile strategy and requirements, call us on Maidenhead (01628) 762710

Mobile Apps & Web