Warings Bakery

A new brand identity with a focus on the strengths, history, and values of the business, and the quality of the products,  resulted in a re-energised business, proud staff, and an increased footfall and revenue.

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Daniel CarrDirector, Warings Bakery


As a traditional local bakery with 6 shops across Berkshire, Warings was losing footfall.  It was struggling to get across the reason why its bread and cakes were a higher price than those found in supermarkets, and at the same time was also being squeezed by chains such as Greggs and Costa for lunchtime and takeout trade. Its customer profile was gradually getting older, and the business needed to start tapping-into a younger audience.


The initial approach and brief was for a new website, but we quickly identified that the brand identity needed refreshing before any new marketing collateral was created. We first embarked on some research in order to identify and quantify the values and strengths of the business. From this, we set about re-launching the business with a complete new identity, website, and a series of marketing campaigns.


Through a comprehensive re-brand including packaging, staff clothing, shop-fronts and shop interior make-overs, posters, A boards, a new website, and a series of targeted marketing campaigns, the bakery now has a completely different feel.  The staff have a bounce in their step, the footfall and average spend is up, and the seasonal and specialist cakes are flying off the shelves.


To really understand the strengths and challenges for the bakery, we had to really get under the skin of the business, interviewing the management and staff, and carrying-out customer and competitor research in order to identify the niche in the market that Warings should occupy.


Once the research was complete, the next stage was to create a new brand identity for the business, not just a logo.  We looked at the language and tone-of-voice used, created some clear value statements for outbound marketing use, and created a whole new visual identity, focusing on the company’s history and heritage, freshness and quality of product and ingredients, and the fact that this family company has been part of the local community since 1932.


Once the research and re-branding exercises were complete, we sat with the Warings Management Team and planned the roll-out.

We listed the range of items that would be affected by it, and created a brand roll-out and marketing strategy.  As we were in late Autumn, the first item on the list was to create a Christmas campaign, involving new photography and the creation of shop window posters (below), A board posters, flyers, and digital adverts for Facebook.

Since the beginning of 2018, we have designed and rolled-out a new website, the re-fits of the 6 shops, new product labelling, and a series of marketing campaigns, both for everyday products and seasonal ranges.

The work continues…