About Immedia Creative

Immedia Creative is a Web Design and Digital Agency in Windsor with a hard-earned reputation for helping companies to improve their online presence and get measurable results from online marketing and advertising.

We focus on 3 main things when working with our clients:-

1. How can we help to increase new client acquisition for you.
2. How can we increase the average spend of your clients.
3. How can we get your clients coming back to you more often

It may sound simple, but it really isn’t, and it’s what every business wants to achieve.

Meet the Team

The Immedia Creative team brings together a wealth of experience in Design, Web Development, Print, Marketing and Business Management.


Why us?

Because we understand business. We’re professional, experienced, straight-talking business people who understand the difference between profit and ego. We always consider the return-on-investment of any campaign we’re involved in.

Your outsourced marketing and creative team

Immedia Creative focuses in achieving business growth for our clients through the correct application of design, messaging, media, and marketing. By working in partnership with you as your outsourced marketing and creative team, we aim to understand your business goals and aspirations, your strengths and opportunities, and your customers and competitors.

We then combine this research with our knowledge and experience to provide you with the necessary marketing facilities, tools, strategies, and tactical campaigns to achieve your goals.

We’re not like most other agencies; we REALLY understand business and focus on providing solutions that generate footfall and revenue, and position your business at the top of your industry.

A bit of background on us…

Immedia Creative is the result of a merger between Immediasite and BrownBear Media, both long-established businesses in their own right with complementary skill-sets.

The result of this merger is a Creative and Digital Agency with an great breadth of knowledge of all aspects of branding, design, web, and print, and the depth of experience necessary to create and manage projects and campaigns from conception to completion under one roof.

Based on the Vansittart Estate in Windsor we are within easy reach of London and the Thames Valley.

About Immedia Creative