Marketing Planning, and Strategy Marketing Advice

So many companies carry-out their marketing activities in a piece-meal fashion, re-acting to offers and phone calls from salespeople, and never really following a plan.  The result is usually lots of money spent with not a lot to show for it, with the usual response of “we tried it and it didn’t work”.

The harsh reality is that without a proper strategy and plan, marketing doesn’t work, it just wastes money.

At Immedia Creative, we want to work with you as your partner, helping and advising, aswell as creating and delivering.  We’ll work with you to really understand your market and to build a strategy and a plan that’s both measurable and understandable. We’ll decide on what marketing tactics will provide the best return-on-investment, and define a plan to promote your business and generate enquiries over a 12 month period, but also with a longer-term view.

Strategy & Planning