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Our WordPress support and monthly care plans keep your website running smoothly and delivering a great user experience.

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Your website is in safe hands

A technically sound website is essential to keeping your business running smoothly. With one of our WordPress support packages your site stays:

  • Up to date
  • Working efficiently
  • Error and bug free
  • Regularly backed up
  • Secure and clear of malware

Need a quick fix?

Contact form broken? Site been hacked? White screen of death? Don’t panic! Give us a call and we’ll take a look and have it fixed before you know it.

Adhoc fixes from £45 + vat

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Want ongoing support?

From monthly WordPress care plans to custom built website marketing and support, we deliver everything your site needs to succeed.

Monthly care contracts from £49 + vat

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Not sure what you want or looking for something tailored precisely to your needs. No problem. Get in touch for a bespoke solution that’s best for your business.

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Our clear and simple WordPress support plans


£49 / month

per month per site

Perfect for smaller sites and blogs.

Once a month we:

  • Update plugins
  • Update themes
  • We update the WordPress core if required
  • Update translation files
  • Run site wide security scan
  • Manually examine key site pages (max 3)
  • Create back up file and host off server
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Xtra Care Plan

£99 / month

per month per site

Ideal for larger B2B or B2C websites.

Twice a month we:

  • Update plugins
  • Update themes
  • We update the WordPress core if required
  • Update translation files
  • Run site wide security scan
  • Manually examine key site pages (max 3)
  • Create back up file and host off server
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Custom plan


For ambitious businesses wanting to grow and compete.

More frequent updates or additional support activity.

  • Technical support & training
  • Enhancement suggestions
  • Website health check
  • Keyword ranking report
  • Page speed optimisation
  • SEO reports and advice
  • Copywriting
  • Proofreading
  • Design tweaks
  • Image editing
  • Content strategy
  • Brand consultancy
  • Art-working
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Regular review

We keep an eye on your site to identify WordPress problems early.

Fast response

We respond to requests for help within an hour within service hours.

UK based developers

Our experienced team of developers are proficient in WordPress.

Improved UX

Your website visitors receive an uninterrupted user experience.

Got questions about our support plans?

Speak to our team

A team of UK based WordPress developers

Our team of WordPress developers are all based in the UK working from our Windsor office. Tackling problems together we ensure that your site is up to date, backed up regularly and working technically efficiently. Small errors are fixed fast or we find effective solutions for larger glitches. Our support is just a call, email or Zoom away.

More than just a WordPress support agency

When you choose us to manage your WordPress support package, you get more than just a team of developers focused on fixing technical errors. As a full-service agency we are a one stop shop who can help with everything from creating winning SEO strategies, to writing compelling content and designing brilliant brands.

We fix common WordPress problems

 Hacked sites

Security breaches can damage your business reputation and compromise user data, leading to loss of trust and serious potential legal consequences for web owners.

 Slow sites

Slow loading times can frustrate users, increase bounce rates, and negatively impact search engine rankings, affecting both traffic levels and the total number of conversions.

 White screen of death

Resolving the dreaded white screen issue swiftly prevents user frustration and site abandonment, preserving your online presence and reputation.

 Broken forms

Functional forms are vital for user interaction, so fixing them promptly ensures a smooth user journey and prevents missed opportunities.

 Regular updates

Keeping WordPress core files, themes and plugins up to date is crucial for maintaining site performance and security.

 Proactive monitoring

Ensuring uptime and identifying issues before they impact your users helps maintain a positive user experience and prevents potential revenue loss.

 CSS errors

Correcting CSS errors ensures consistent and visually appealing site presentation, enhancing user engagement and credibility.

 Configuration errors

Addressing configuration errors promptly maintains site functionality, user trust, and a seamless browsing experience.

 Form sanitation

Properly sanitised web forms protect user data, prevent spam, and maintain the integrity of the website’s functionality and user trust.

 WordPress migration

Successful migration preserves SEO rankings and user experience during platform shifts, preventing disruptions and preserves site credibility.

 Website caching

Caching optimizes webpage loading speeds, reducing server load and providing a seamless browsing experience for visitors.

 PHP errors

Fixing PHP errors ensures stable website functionality, preventing disruptions and maintaining a professional appearance to users.

 JavaScript errors

Eliminating JavaScript errors prevents broken features and provides a smooth, interactive experience for users.

 Regular backups

Regularly backing up website data safeguards against data loss due to accidents or security breaches, minimizing downtime and potential harm to the web owner’s reputation.

 Mail delivery errors

Resolving mail delivery issues guarantees effective communication with users, avoiding missed opportunities and maintaining professionalism.

 Broken file uploads

Fixing file upload problems prevents disruptions to user-generated content and maintains the website’s interactive nature.

 Plugin conflicts

Resolving plugin conflicts promptly prevents disruptions to site functionality, user experience, and potential security vulnerabilities.

 Cron jobs

Automate activities on your website. Want to download your database every week, or update your products every night. Cron jobs are the key to automating website activities.

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