7 reasons why you need a Google Ads management agency

Google Ads can be a powerful tool for businesses of all sizes that can help generate leads and sales. However, if you lack the knowledge or experience, managing a Google Ads account can be more time-consuming and difficult than expected. Here is where a Google Ads management agency can be useful.

Agencies have the knowledge and experience necessary to develop and optimise your campaigns, monitor your results, and ensure that you’re getting the most out of your investment. But that’s not all they do.

1. The hidden extension to your marketing team

Google Ads management agencies keep you informed about upcoming trends and keyword data. For example, if summer is approaching, and you offer a bespoke pool cleaning service, then a Google Ads management agency can let you know what keywords are trending on Google and how you can use them to your advantage.

Through regular collaboration with your team they can align perfectly with and support your offline marketing efforts, website updates and social media campaigns.

They also help with optimising key landing pages so that your ads better reflect your offering. Landing page optimisation is crucial as it improves user experience, increases conversions, and boosts the effectiveness of digital marketing campaigns.

2. They have direct contact with a Google Strategist

Getting into contact with multi-billion pound organisations can often be impossible. How many times have you spoken to an AI over an actual human? It’s become so normal that we’re starting to lose trust – the robots are turning us against each other!

Anyway, we’re getting side-tracked. With an agency, that all changes. As a Google Partner, we have a hotline to a real human Google Strategist for every account we manage. In our regular meetings, they give us insights into core Google updates and inform us of upcoming trends so we can capitalise on them before it’s too late.

3. A Google Ads management agency can save you time

Did you know that only 10% of Google Ads accounts are optimised on a weekly basis, you know what that tells us? That 90% of people don’t have the time to check on their accounts more than once a week. But do you know who can check your account more than once a week? A Google Ads Management agency.

At Immedia, for example, we have two incredibly talented Google Ads certified specialists, with undisputable charming looks, amazing charisma and witty personalities who check our client’s accounts on an ongoing basis. (We promise they aren’t the ones writing this blog).

Through these regular checks they make sure your optimisation score is high, your keywords are relevant and your bidding strategies are aligned with your marketing goals. Hitting the sweet spot with all these check can help improve your campaign performance.

Signing up to one of our Google Ads management plans you can make sure you’re part of the 10% who do optimise their accounts on a weekly basis.

4. Peace of mind

With a Google Ads management agency, you constantly have peace of mind. You won’t be sitting on your sofa on a Thursday evening and jumping up in a panic thinking “$@%!” I haven’t optimised my Google Ads in a while. Instead sit back, relax and enjoy your favourite Netflix show knowing that an agency is dealing with all the ad stress for you.

Google Ads might be seen as a chore, but a Google Ads management agency is like a high-end cleaning service. They come in unnoticed and leave a beautiful-looking space for you to enjoy. In this case, you’ll be enjoying new leads and sales.

5. They can provide in-depth reporting & recommendations

When working with Google Ad management agencies, you always have access to real-time reports so that you have complete visibility on your campaign’s performance. But if numbers and figures confuse you, agencies also offer recommendations which they can act on and make changes on your behalf. They are proactive in analysing and sharing insights from the data so you’re not left thinking ‘what does this mean?’.

6. As your business grows, your Google Ads account grows too

As your business grows, you can easily scale your Google Ads campaigns with the help of an agency. Agencies have the resource and expertise to manage large and complex campaigns. Scaling up when needed, they can help you reach more customers and grow your business.

7. They unlock your Google Ads potential

By getting to know your business and what you want to achieve from your Google Ads, an agency aligns their Ads strategy with your targets and KPIs. Before implementing their plan through a process of ongoing research, optimisation and testing.

Through continuously monitoring, adjusting and reporting on your campaigns they ensure your ads remain effective and achieving great results. Often this potential remains unrealised if Ads campaigns are left to run themselves. They can soon become stagnant and ineffectual if they’re not reviewed and refreshed regularly.

Is it time to reach out to a Google Ads management agency?

So is it time to let a Google Ads management agency optimise your account so you can free up your time to concentrate on other important areas of your business?

Working with an agency like Immedia Creative helps take away the stress of juggling too many marketing tools and tasks at once. More importantly, it makes sure your account is reaching its full potential.

Whether you’re a Google Ads newbie, have an Ads account your barely touch or want to take an existing account to new heights, then we’ve got you covered.

Give us a call on 01753 206006 for a chat through your needs. Or drop us a line and we’ll be in touch soon.

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Sara Maltempi

7 reasons why you need a Google Ads management agency