We’ve grown our team – welcome Sara.

Whilst we’ve been busy helping our clients grow their businesses over the past few months, we’ve managed to do some growing ourselves. So with that being said, we would like to introduce the latest member to join the Immedia Creative family, welcome Sara. A recent Digital Marketing Master’s graduate from the University of Portsmouth who’s swapped the Solent waters for the banks of the Thames.

We are incredibly excited to have her join the team, and are keen to find out more about our recent graduate. So what’s the best way to do that? We sat her down on her first day and interviewed her. Picture this, a room equipped with three professional cameras, expensive filming lights, a microphone, a talk show host and Sara. Have you got that image in your head? If so, erase it, the best we could do was an office chair, a notepad and pen, a member of our team and our interviewee, Sara. Here’s what we discovered…


Sara Maltempi

Born in:

Perugia, Umbria. I was born and raised in Italy up until the age of 5 when my immediate family fancied a lifestyle and work life change. Since then, I have been lucky to call Farnham Royal, Buckinghamshire home.

What’s your role in the team:

I was hired as a Marketing Executive. This is such a broad term, but that’s what’s great about this role. One day a marketing executive could be conducting market research, analysing and comparing data for clients and suggesting where improvements can be made. Then the following day they could be looking at various social media pages for clients, conducting audits and coming up with potential marketing campaigns. Everyday is different for a marketing executive, so it’s hard to pinpoint one specific task I’m in charge of if that makes sense.

When you’re not busy being a Marketing Executive– what can we find you doing most weekends?

This a tough question to be honest. I’m such an all rounder that most weekends I’m always doing something different. I guess I make plans dependant on the weather. Which we all know is so unreliable. However, these plans alternate between socialising with friends, exploring new restaurants and cuisines, watching/playing sport and gaming. Hopefully that answers your question?

What’s the most exciting part of your job?

Right now, I’d say working with new clients. It also means, I can be a part of helping their business grow. I also love working in a small team. All of our ideas are heard and we are all able to collaborate on projects together with fluidity. I love sharing ideas between other members of the team and learning new things everyday – which is all very exciting.

If you could meet one famous figure (past and present) who would it be and why?

This took me a while to figure out. I think it would have to be Casey Neistat, an American filmmaker and vlogger. His positive and hard working view on life really inspires me. He came from nothing to be one of the most successful short film makers and YouTubers of all time. Sitting and chatting with Casey would be like having an in depth TED talk.


Sara Maltempi

We’ve grown our team – welcome Sara.