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After leaving Uni with a Masters degree in Equitation Science, Bob’s daughter decided to start her own equestrian business, so we gave her a bit of a head-start by sorting her out with a simple logo and website.

One of the challenges of going through this exercise with any start-up business, is the lack of “real” content (case studies, testimonials, etc.) and a lack of imagery available.  It is well known these days, that using stock photography on websites should be avoided wherever possible, as they are not seen as unique content.

Luckily, she had a number of clients who had already done some equine training and behavioural work with her, and had a number of photos that we could use for general imagery, but this is something that we will have to re-visit after a few months to add more “real” content to the website.

The Oxford Equestrian website can be found here

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Friends & Family