Setting Up Google Ads

If you need to set up a Google Ads account and then give the folks at Immedia Creative access to it, here’s what you do.

Please do not send us your google username and password. You need to keep that information private. Instead you can give us access to the Google Ads (but we wont be able to view your credit card details) by following the simple steps below.

First visit  and click the blue ‘Start Now’ button

On the sign in screen click the blue ‘create account’ link (or log in with your existing google account).

Go through the process of setting up account but do not go as far as setting up a CAMPAIGN.
Instead, in the top right, click ‘tools and settings’
choose the ‘setup’ tab and click ‘account access’
Click the blue ‘add user’ button
Enter ‘‘ in the email address box
choose ‘standard’ access level
Finally press the blue ‘send invitation’ button

That’s all there is to it.  Simple!

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Chris Brown

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Setting Up Google Ads