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PPC generates twice the amount of visitors that SEO does and converts 50% more*. Want to make sure you’re seeing these conversions?

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    Why use Google Ads?

    With Google Ads you can reach your target audience effectively, increase brand visibility, drive conversions, and outpace your competitors in the dynamic world of online advertising. Selecting the right Google ad type is crucial for maximizing campaign performance and achieving your marketing goals.


    Search Ads are text-based advertisements that appear alongside Google search results. They allow you to display your ad when users search for specific keywords related to your business.


    Display ads are eye-catching banner or image-based advertisements that show on websites and apps that are part of the Google Display Network (GDN). They may contain interactive components as well as text, pictures, or both.


    Video ads are engaging, audio-visual advertisements that appear on YouTube and across the Google Display Network. They can be skippable or non-skippable and come in various formats, such as in-stream or bumper ads.


    Shopping ads allow you to showcase your products directly in Google search results. They include product images, prices, and relevant details, making it easier for users to find and purchase your products.

    Choosing the right Google Ads type to achieve your marketing goals

    Google Ads is the undisputed leader in online advertising, giving companies a strong platform to connect with their target market. But do you know which Google Ads type is your perfect match?

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    We were asked by Daniel Stores to boost their online sales. As Windsor’s oldest department store, they wanted to replicate their successful instore sales, online.

    After researching the market and reviewing existing Google Ads data, we proposed a plan and budget which was quickly accepted. As an e-commerce store, we created Google Shopping campaigns that would also run alongside Google Search campaigns that would help boost their online sales. Within a week of the campaigns going live, online transactions increased by 35%.


    Since working with Daniel Stores, online sales have increased  by 208%.


    Despite the reduced spend compared to 2021, we managed to increase the conversion rate.

    “Immedia Creative are a strategic marketing extension of our team. We are very grateful for the ongoing support with Google Ads. A big thank you to Sara and Chris!”


    Our Google certified team

    As Google Partners we stay on top of the ever changing world of pay per click so you don’t have to. Our Windsor-based team of PPC professionals, sit exams every year to stay in-line with best practice, and work closely with Google to get you the best visibility and the most out of every click.

    Chris Brown

    Chris Brown

    Adwords Search Certifications

    Fundamentals &
    Search Advertising

    Sara Maltempi

    Adwords Search Certifications

    Fundamentals, Mobile &
    Shopping Ads

    A process of continuous improvement

    Our PPC management process of on-going review and development allows us to optimise your PPC campaigns by making incremental changes that add up to big improvements over time.

    1. Set Goals

    In our kick start meeting we discuss your campaign goals, identify your target audience and set budget and timescales.

    2. Research & Strategy

    Then we start to crunch data and conduct research into your business, your industry, your competitors and customers.

    3. Keyword Selection

    Depending on ad type, we build extensive keyword lists or target demographic data sets, focusing on the types of customers you want.

    4. Ad Creation

    Our carefully crafted ads ensure your keywords and landing page link so that your site receives the best traffic, with the highest chance of conversion at the lowest cost per click.

    5. Ongoing Optimisation

    We continuously analyse the data to see which changes to your campaign make the biggest impact. We also keep an eye on spend, and make changes to optimise costs and traffic levels.

    6. Analysis & Reporting

    You have constant access to real-time reports, as well as our team, so that you have complete visibility on your campaign’s performance.

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