In online sales, timing is everything

According to Google (you might have heard of them), typically less than two to four percent of visitor who click through from an advert to a website go on to make an actual purchase.

The reason for this is that shoppers often go back and forward to an online store a number of times before buying.

So, how can you advertise to someone precisely when they have already been to your website and are more likely to be ready to buy?

Well, that’s where¬†Remarketing¬†Search List Ads come in. By putting the right codes on your website and tallying them up with a properly constructed remarketing ad campaign we can do that targetting for you.

The benefit to you is that you get to put your brand forward once more when the potential client is just about ready to buy, and if it is your advert they see at the right moment (and not your competitiors), then it is you they will come back to you to make the purchase.

If you would like to talk to someone about help with remarketing, call Immedia Creative’s digital marketing team today.

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Chris Brown

Chris is a web developer, project manager, pay per click advertiser, public speaker, tea drinker, town crier, copywriter, and all round digital marketing aficionado.

In online sales, timing is everything