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Google’s powerful new AI driven GA4 provides you with the data to really understand if your digital marketing is working.

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    Universal Analytics will no longer be processing data from 1st July, so make sure your Google Analytics 4 account is set up correctly.

    Why upgrade to Google Analytics 4

    GA4 properties are designed to provide greater flexibility in the way you track the actions taking place on your website or apps. Built around an event structure they collect both website and app data to give you a greater understanding of the customer journey.

     Customer Behaviour Insights

    GA4 events show the number of times users perform a certain action on your website or app. You can uncover details of your user journey that help you understand and serve the needs of customers on a deeper level.

     Complete Customer Funnel

    GA4’s new Life Cycle section provides insightful reports into each stage of the customer journey from acquisition to retention. You can understand how people use your website or app and implement changes to improve.

    Engagement Metrics

    User engagement is a powerful new metric that replaces bounce rate and is designed to give greater insight into issues with a page. You can better optimise your content and help users find the information they want.

    Intelligent Tracking

    Designed to adapt to a cookie-free future, GA4 harnesses more intelligent tracking. By leveraging machine learning and statistical modelling, GA4 can fill gaps in data as the world moves away from cookies.

    Easier Reporting

    The user-friendly reporting allows you to tailor user, acquisition and behaviour reports by adding segments, dimensions and metrics to suit your needs. Providing greater understanding of activity at top, middle and end of funnels.

    Powerful Conversion Data

    GA4 conversion metrics give you the data to show the number of times an event was triggered that is of value to your business. You can use this data to prove and improve ROI on your marketing efforts.

    Upgrading to Google Analytics 4 – a Step-By-Step guide

    Google is also automatically migrating people to GA4 in March. But this looks like it could be quite a clunky exercise so better to be in control of what happens, rather than let the machines do it for you.

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