Reach local UK business with digital marketing

Digital marketing is on the rise, and is no longer the preserve of large multi-national business and corporate brands.

UK-based small and medium-sized business are now finding that digital marketing is a far more effective way to reach local people and business than traditional print-based advertising, with the added benefit of being completely measurable.

The rapid rise of mobile technology has also helped with this, as the search providers add geo-location tools into their products in order to provide local search results based on your search request.

We are also noticing a shift away from traditional SEO and Google Adwords search marketing, as more an more people are using social and networking channels (such as LinkedIn, Facebook, twitter, and Instagram) to reach local potential customers and advertise to them.

The nature of advertising is also changing to suit these new media and methods, and is less “here’s our product do you want to buy it”. ¬†Instead the approach that seems to be having the most success is to provide help, guidance, and opinions, and let the customer take control of checking-out your product or service at their own pace.

To local small businesses, this whole new way of marketing may seem quite daunting, but is actually just the modern replacement for something like Yellow Pages or the local paper.

If you’re a local business and would like to learn more about how we can help you to reach local audiences through digital marketing technologies, give us a call, we’ll be very happy to explain it all to you (in plain English that you’ll be able to understand).


Reach local UK business with digital marketing