Matilda Logo Design

A really interesting project.

This client approached us with a “method” and a whole load of supporting documentation, with a plan to turn it into a product. ┬áThis method was all about helping care workers to recognise child abuse at an early stage, and to provide them with a set of tools that they could use to work with the victims to identify the root cause and find a solution.

One of the key tools was a chart with 2 curves, and the client added a pair of ears turning it into an elephant, who she called “Matilda”.

So, the elephant’s name also became the product name, and Matilda was born. The logo soon followed after lots of scribbling and drawing silly pictures of elephants, but I think you’ll agree that the end result looks very professional, yet somehow very friendly (and being an elephant, it’s also hopefully not one to forget!).

Richard CampbellMatilda Logo Design