Philip Charlesworth 2021

Over the past 3 years I have worked very closely with Immedia who have rebuilt the web presence of our clinical practice and clinic from the ground up. Their approaches to integrate the latest web technology with the user has been a consistent theme, and they have always kept the patient at the heart of their thoughts and considerations. They are constantly enthusiastic and positive, and always bring new ideas and novel approaches. It has not only been a pleasure to work with Immedia, but it has also revolutionised the way our patients can get access and information on the specialist services we offer through our clinical partnership. Since the launch of our new reconstructed website in late 2019, we have seen our patient activity more than double, and we look forward to seeing ongoing growth in the coming months and years with the new ideas I know Immedia will continue to bring.

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Sara Maltempi

Sara MaltempiPhilip Charlesworth 2021