Marketing Planning/Strategy

Marketing Strategy/Planning

As the old saying goes, failing to plan is like planning to fail.
Many companies market in a “piece-meal” way, reacting to cold calls, and last-minute offers from advertising salespeople. This is a sure-fire way of not only losing money, but of also causing long-term damage to your company and brand, through dis-jointed campaigns, mixed messaging, and poorly executed activities such as tradeshows and exhibitions.

Although a company must always remain flexible and able to react to opportunities, it is vital to have a clear marketing strategy and plan your sales and marketing activities well in advance, ensuring that everything you do is working towards your goals, and has consistency in branding and messaging.

At Immedia Creative, we have a Business Management team with a wealth of experience and expertise in Sales and Marketing campaign management. Working closely with you, will can built a plan either on an annual basis for the business, or for a specific campaign or event, and will then use our in-house design, web, copywriting, and digital marketing teams to create and execute the campaigns for you, ensuring consistency of brand, messages, and calls-to-action.

Bob ClementsMarketing Planning/Strategy