Immedia Delivers Christmas Cheer

Here’s a true Christmas story to end the year on.

As well as building websites, designing for print and assisting with social media, we also run Adwords campaigns for a number of our clients.

One recent customer told us that Adwords simply didn’t work for her business. She had tried it and then rejected it as a way of earning revenue for her business.  We asked to take a look at the Adwords account and see what the problem was.  We ran a few tests and soon spotted that the conversion tracking was poorly set up, so we fixed that and then ran a test campaign for her.

We made some educated guesses about keywords, then researched them and picked a number of campaigns to run concurrently.

Within a couple of weeks our client began to see an uplift in sales and as we refined our campaigns, the numbers continued to improve.  One campaign was removed entirely, another was boosted. Keywords were added, keywords were taken away.  We split tested a couple of ad formats and watched as the sales rose.

And, so here we are on Christmas Eve (I know, break out the violins) and I have just done a final check on our clients adwords account. Over the last 14 days the campaign is running a return on investment of 612%.  That is to say, for every hundred pounds she spends on adwords she is making £612.

As you can imagine, she is a VERY happy customer and is off on her Christmas holidays, knowing her on-line marketing campaign is in safe hands.

When you know what you are doing, Adwords is a powerful marketing tools because of the measure-ability of results. If you would like us to help you with your online marketing campaign we would be delighted to take a look and see whether we could do something similar for your business.

Happy Holidays Everyone

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Chris Brown

Chris is a web developer, project manager, pay per click advertiser, public speaker, tea drinker, town crier, copywriter, and all round digital marketing aficionado.

Immedia Delivers Christmas Cheer