Google’s Latest Mobile Friendly Update

Google have announced a boost to their mobile friendly ranking algorithm which will go live this May.  You’re probably wondering how this effects you? If you have a mobile friendly website then you have nothing to worry about.  If not, then you are likely to see a drop in your rankings in the mobile search results over the next few months.  With more and more people using mobile devices to conduct searches, this could equate to a significant decrease in visitor numbers.

How Will It Affect Me?

If you heeded Google’s last mobile-friendly update around this time last year, and worked on your website to make it mobile friendly, then you will see no drop in rankings.

The same cannot be said if you still have a website that does not respond to the device it’s being viewed on.  Following the boost to the mobile friendly algorithm, you can expect to see your site appearing lower in mobile search results than websites that have made their sites responsive or created a specific mobile site.

Do I Have A Mobile Friendly Site?

There is a quick and easy way to check if your site is mobile friendly. In your browser, click on the corner so you can change the size of it. If the site adapts to the size of your browser without losing information then it is a ‘responsive’ site.

responsive web design on different devices

Graphic showing how a responsive website looks on different devices

Google also has a ‘mobile-friendly tool’ that scans the page and shows you what it looks like on a mobile. It will then tell you if your website is ‘mobile-friendly’

If you are unsure if your website is mobile-friendly, or want to discuss ways that you can become mobile-friendly, then please feel free to give us a call on 01628 762710.

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Google’s Latest Mobile Friendly Update