Beautiful Business Card Creations

Everyone has seen the adverts for on-line business card websites, but there is another, better way. Rather than just do it yourself, you can get the professionals to do it for you.

Business Cards from Immedia Creative

A business card from us doesn’t start with a website wizard; it starts with a conversation. We ask you questions about the people you are going to hand out your card to. Our designers (Richard and Felicity) take the time to understand your clients and what they will need and expect from the cards you give them. Then we ask some more questions about your business to really understand what you want from the card. Only after that do we start sketching ideas.

Is it worth it?

Yes absolutely. Take a look at this fantastic design that Richard created for Logical Recruitment. This is a company that help companies find employees and much of their focus is on finding bright, fun-minded, team players. The cards really need to reflect this aspect of the company to help Logical Recruitment make connections with the right sort of candidates.

As you can see, the colours, angles and overall look of the new cards really do help emphasise the values of the company and these great cards will help the business grow. We usually print cards on heavier card stock than most online services, giving you a superior finished product that stand out amongst the competition.

Give us a call today and see how we can  use high quality design and print to help your business.

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Beautiful Business Card Creations