WordPress : Allow woocommerce reviews on all products

I had a request to turn on woocommerce reviews on more than 400 products on a WordPress enabled website.

The options (or so I thought) were either to do it product by product one-by-one (arghhh!)  or to write a bit of code for the functions file (yawn) or to alter the database directly (eugh!).

On a hot and sunny thursday afternoon all three choices seemed pretty unappealing so I tried a little lateral thinking instead.

I know that the WordPress ‘comment’ functionality is used as the basis of the woocommerce reviews system.

WordPress allows bulk adjustment of comments through the quick edit screen.

So, perhaps trying this same action in the product list pages would work (spoiler alert: It does!)

Here’s how to turn on (or off) the allow woocommerce reviews functionality on your website:

  1. Go to the woocommerce product list page
  2. On your screen options tab (top right) temporarily reset your number of posts to display a good quantity for bigger batches. I choose 200 so had to do the following process twice
  3. Check the top tickbox to select all products on the page
  4. In the ‘Bulk Actions’ menu, select ‘Edit’
  5. Press ‘Apply’ Button
  6. In the new form fields that appear set ‘comments’ to ‘allow’ (or ‘disallow’ as required)
  7. Press the ‘Update’button
  8. Now go on to page two of the products and repeat the process from point 3 onward.

This is a really simple fix. In just a few minutes all 400 products had woocommerce reviews turned on. Just don’t forget to switch the number of posts displayed figure back to something sensible once you are finished.

I hope this wordpress / woocommerce tip is of use to you. There is a lot you can do yourself with wordpress, but if you need additional help call us here at Immedia Creative and I am sure we will be able to give you a hand.


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WordPress : Allow woocommerce reviews on all products