Dunstable Town Council Website Design

Dunstable Town Council is the largest Town council in the UK, with a large and diverse population, and spanning a large physical geography. Unlike County Councils, Dunstable Town Council is not responsible for tasks such as refuse collection or highways maintenance, but is more of a “community-focussed” council, providing and maintaining local facilities and services for the population on Dunstable.

When Dunstable Town council approached us, they had a website which was very formal, rather bland, and not easy to find information on.  There was also issues with the CMS system which was preventing them from adding and editing information on the website as they wanted to.

The brief for the new website was that it needed to be much more “consumer” and mush less “council” in its feel, and should underline the fact that DTC is there to help and work the local community, and to promote the town to visitors and businesses.

The “picture wall” homepage navigation, supplemented with a “super menu” main navigation gives an inviting feel to the site, and lets the user browse and access all sections of the website with kust 1 mouse click.

Since the initial implementation, an e-commerce solution has been added to promote and manage sales and registrations for the council-run children’s summer activities.

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Bob ClementsDunstable Town Council Website Design