Barnfield College Website

Barnfield College has been Luton’s main provider of vocational education and over the years has helped thousands of students to learn skills and trades, and helped prepare them for the workplace.

Over the past decade, Barnfield’s brand and reputation suffered as a result of poor management and Ofsted downgrades, but in the last few years, with new leadership, it has been successfully re-building its reputation with the local public, local businesses, and Ofsted alike.

As part of this programme of improvement, Barnfield recognised that their website was not mirroring the current standards of the college and began looking for a creative and web development agency that could create a website which correctly reflected the values and standards of the college.

After a number of months of discussion, planning, and consultation, Immedia Creative was selected as the preferred supplier, and work began on the new website.

Right from the project kick-off meeting, the Immedia project team used various collaborative tools including Mockflow, Gliffy, Smartsheets and Workplace from Facebook to collaborate with the Barnfield marketing and IT team, to ensure that they could see the new website as it developed and had full input into the project at every stage.  The use of these tools and procedures ensured that the project progressed without any miss-understandings, and regular communication and project reviews at every stage of the project, ensured that the project stayed firmly on-track.

Despite being given a just 12 weeks from commencement to completion, the website was completed and launched on-time and on-budget.

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