My First Week at Immedia Creative

by Harry Daniel on November 6, 2015 No comments

My name is Harry, I’m twenty years old, a rubbish joke enthusiast, and the new digital marketing apprentice for Immedia Creative. Now that the formalities have been addressed, I’d like to tell you about how fantastic everyone at Immedia have been at accepting me as a part of the team.

My drive to work on my first day was peppered with thoughts of why I deserved to be part of their team, confidence in my abilities isn’t exactly sky high as there is so much for me to learn. Any negative thought was forgotten about instantly when Malcolm met me at the door, he welcomed me with a handshake and then began to tell me about the 3D printer that he is building. Things only go up from there to be honest.

Everyone came in that day and instantly welcomed me into the fold, taking the time to make me feel comfortable in the office and making sure that I has something to do. They really got me hitting the ground running, setting me up on the system and explaining where I’m going to fit within the company. I have learned a fair amount from my co-workers already and I have only scratched the surface of the abilities of what I can learn here.

I’m truly pleased with my new work, and I can only see myself growing in my field.

Thank you Immedia Creative!

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Harry Daniel

Harry is our digital marketing apprentice and is learning the tricks of the trade. He is learning all he can from his experiences and can usually be found moaning about the football.

Harry DanielMy First Week at Immedia Creative