floataway calculator

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Number of Single Float Pools
How many single person pools will you have in your centre? 2
Number of Double Float Pools
How many couple-float pools in your centre (can be used for one or two people)? 2
Price for single float
Estimated price for single person floats £$40
Price for double float
Estimated price for two-person floats. Typically 50-100% higher than single floats £$60
Ratio of couple/single floats in double pools
What percentage of floats in your couple pools will be couple floats vs single person floats? 30
Floats per pool per day
How many float sessions will be booked per day in each pool? 8
Time period
Time in number of months 12
Days per week open
How many days in the week the float centre will be open 6
Total Revenue £$ 380160

Chris Brownfloataway calculator