100% UK-based Website Support & Training

As a provider of complete turn-key website solutions, we provide both User and Administrator Training on all of the solutions we supply.

No only do we provide training on how to use the Content Management System, but we can also train on how to make best use of online marketing tools such as Blogs, Social Media, and Email Marketing, and how to use these tools effectively to drive traffic to your website, and to generate enquiries directly.

All of our Project Management, Software Development, Design, and Technical Support teams are based in the UK. We DO NOT outsource work overseas. This means that should you need assistance, our technical support team are always available during UK business hours, and are based in Berkshire.

WordPress Training

Our WordPress training has been getting rave reviews. We work with your editorial team to bring them up to speed on how to create, manage and publish a first class website.

Each course is bespoke to the users needs and experience levels.

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